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Types of Kitchen #1: Straight Line Kitchen

  • A straight line kitchen or a one wall kitchen has a single counter with one set of wall and base cabinets.
  • It is linear and runs along the wall of the kitchen. The most important aspect to keep in mind is the golden triangle of a kitchen.
  • The hob/stove is at an equal distance from the fridge and sink, making it the most convenient layout for an easy cooking process.
  • Lastly, we recommend not having a counter over 12 to 15 feet as it might make moving around a bit tiresome.
  • Great for: Small and studio homes as it is the most space efficient design.

Types of Kitchen #2: L-shaped Kitchen

  • An L-shaped kitchen is the most common layout found in Indian homes.
  • With ample counter space for many hands working in a cooking session, this layout is sure to derive the most productivity from it.
  • This layout has very clear work zones.
  • The hob, fridge and sink are in close proximity to each other. It ensures that you don’t have to walk too much between zones.
  • Great for: Large families with multiple people cooking and a small kitchen space.

Types of Kitchen #3: Parallel or Galley Kitchens

  • When there is ample space, a parallel kitchen can turn out to be an extremely productive layout.
  • With two counters and two sets of cabinets, these types of kitchens can have multiple work zones.
  • Besides, the hob, fridge and sink are in an ideal golden kitchen triangle making it an extremely convenient cooking process.
  • Great for: A nuclear family with a medium sized kitchen.

Types of Kitchen #4: Island Kitchens

  • A kitchen island is a trending element that can be added to any layout.
  • This multipurpose counter can serve as a prep zone, a breakfast counter or even a cook zone.
  • We suggest getting an island counter only if there is enough space for movement.
  • Great for: Families with kids and a large kitchen with plenty of space

Types of Kitchen #5: Peninsula or Breakfast Counters

  • A favourite among our homeowners are the breakfast counters.
  • A breakfast counter is an island attached to a wall thus giving the kitchen extra counter space while adding seating to it.
  • This layout is an example of the ideal golden triangle, where the hob is in the middle with the sink and fridge on either side.Furthermore, making it a convenient and spacious cooking area.
  • Another way to style it up is to add a bar cabinet and some lighting to make it into a breakfast cum bar counter.
  • Great for: Small families and ideal for both spacious and minimal kitchen space