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Setup & Machines


  • PANEL SAW high power of 7.5 HP AUSTERIAN machine gives perfect cut to the panels with smooth edges and no chipping .
  • All type of panels are cut precisely as per the cutting list made in the special cutting computer software to reduce the wastage and as per required furniture panel size.
  • This is very high-tect machine cuts in all types of panel asper required angle and cuts the panel up to 100mm thickness.


  • This is TURKEY’S machine give high performances in pasting PVC strips on the panel edges at very high pressure and perfect smooth and round edge trimmings.
  • In this machine all types and panels and all the thickness from .4mm to 4mm thick PVC EDGES are pasted and finished.
  • This machine is totally automatics it does cutting , trimming, rounding and buffing.
  • It operates on computer based programming and it saves the time and gives fast production.


  • This is multi boring double head TURKEY’S machine have multipal functions fo making holes in the panel.
  • Double head option performs 2 functions at a time from top and from side at precise dimension to make holes for fixing all types of hardware and joinery fixtures.
  • This precise holes helps in fixing hardware very quickly and easy to assembles the furniture and joining the panels.


  • Widespread TURKEY’S machine makes the postform laminate edges finishing over panel .
  • In this machine the panel are pasted with postform laminate. Pasting can be done in any shape like half round , ful round, chamfer etc.
  • Postforming give unique look to the panel and it stands out well good looking and clear joint free edges.


  • This is TURKEY’S machine heavy duty multi and flexible platen drop and lift.
  • This is the cold press the laminates are pressed and pasted over the panel at the pressure of 100TON , high which gives the panel a bubble free and flat look.
  • The multi platen gives the flexibility to press the small and medium size panel .
  • Pressing at different pressure and at different size of panel helps in saving time and gives huge production .
  • There are many other machines which helps in running the above machine like Air Compressor , Dust collector and voltage stabilizes.
  • More then 100 numbers of hand tools are used to assemble and fixing the furniture .
  • Maximum hand tools are cordless and battery operated for easy use .
  • There are many equipments which are very much used in loading and unloading of raw materials and finish product .
  • There are packing and branding machines which helps in protecting furniture from damages and gives product identification.